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#BookReport3 >> Agatha Christie - Murder is Easy

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Published by William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd, Glasglow
in April 1989

1.      Settings
Time                 :
-          June => England! England on a June day, with a grey sky and a sharp bitting wind. (page 9)
-          Summer => The summer day was warm and sunny. (page 28)
Place :
-          England => England! England after many years! (page 9)
-          Wychwood-under-Ashe => The sun was shining when Luke came over the hill and down into the little country town of Wychwood-under-Ashe. (page 28)
2.      Characters
-          Luke Fitzwilliam => A policeman who has retired into private life, a curious person who finally loves Bridget.
-          Miss Pinkerton => An old woman who tells Luke about the murder but unfortunately she is knocked down and killed by a car as she is crossing Whitehall.
-          Bridget Conway => Jimmy’s cousin whose house is used for Luke for living, she helps Luke to find out the murderer but finally she falls in love to him although she has engaged to Lord Whitfield, she also has been Lord Whitfield’s secretary.
-          Lord Whitfield => A quite uneducated and completely credulous person who owns the weekly papers. Luke thinks that he is the murderer. He is also Miss Waynflete’s rival.
-          Miss Waynflete => The murderer but out of Luke’s expectation. In front of Luke, she looks very nice and kind so that Luke never expects her as the murderer. She’s also mad.
3.      Summary
Luke Fitzwilliam wants to come to England, but in his way he meets Miss Pinkerton who tells him that there are so many murders. After hi arrives in England, he find out that Miss Pinkerton is dead and Dr. Humbleby, a man who was mentioned by her, is also dead. Jimmy goes to Wychwood with Jimmy’s help. He tries to find out the murderer. Luke always thinks that the murderer Is a man, so that he never expected some women to be the murderer. But finally he knows that the murderer is a very nice and kind person, Miss Waynflete. She does the murder because she hates Lord Whitfield. She thinks
This story also includes Luke’s love story with Bridget who breaks the engagement with Lord Whitfield.

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