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#BookReport2 >> R. L. Stevenson - Treasure Island

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1.      Theme
Treasure Island is a kind of an adventure novel. It tells us about the adventure to get a treasure in an island.

2.      Main characters
Major characters
Jim Hawkins          : The main character in this story. He is the only person who knows everything about the pirates and what they will do.
Dr. Livesey            : The ship’s physician. Firstly, he became Jim’s family’s doctor, but then he joined to sail to find the treasure.
Long John Silver    : A one-legged pirate who is greedy. Firstly, he always obeyed what Captain Smollet’s said, but then he wanted the treasure for himself. So, he kept to be the pirate’s captain.
Captain Smollet    : The ship’s captain. Firstly, he didn’t believe in Squire, nut then he believed that Squire is an honest man.
Trelawney             : A landowner who finance the adventure include the ship and the crews, but unfortunately we can’t keep our secret in his mouth because he will say it to everybody he met.
Minor characters
Billy Bones            : The pirate who lived in Admiral Benbow inn. He’s the only person who has the map of Treasure Island.
Black Dog              : A crew of Flint’s pirate. He wanted to get the treasure and he also killed Billy Bones.
Gray                      : One of the pirates who stayed in squire’s side. He spent his treasure for his education and marries.
Ben Gunn              : One of Flint’s pirates who lived in the island for almost or maybe more than 3 years. He helped Jim to get the treasure.
Israel Hands          : One of the pirates who killed in the ship by Jim.
Joyce                     : A great shooter from Squire side.
Pew                       : A deadly blind beggar who wanted the treasure so much.

3.      Settings
Time          : -
Place         :
-          Admiral Benbow Inn >> ‘You are at the "Admiral Benbow", my good man,’ I said. (page 15)
-          Hispaniola ship >> I sat up in my boat and began to row towards the Hispaniola. (page 105)
-          The Treasure Island >> That was the last thing we did on the island. All the treasure was on the ship. (page 152)
4.      Summary
The story started at Admiral Benbow Inn, the inn belongs to Jim’s parent. Two mysterious strangers came there to find out the captain in the different time, but both of them had same purpose. They wanted to get the treasure’s map from the captain. Because the captain didn’t want to give it, the second stranger, Pew, tried to kill him.
Then, Jim told everything to her mother. They asked people to bury the captain but nobody wanted to help them because they knew the story about him and the pirates. So, Jim and his mother tried to take care of the dead body, but then they found a key of a wooden box which might be sought by the two strangers. They found out where the wooden box is and when they found it, they found some clothes, an old watch, two guns, some cheap jewelers, and a treasure map. After that, they ran away but Pew and his pirates knew it and tried to catch them. On the way, Pew had been killed by a man.
After Jim felt safety, he came to Dr. Livesey and the squire and then told the story. The squire managed to have sail and then they all went to the Treasure Island. But there were pirates in their ship, so they had fights when they arrived in the Treasure Island.
In the end of the story, Silver followed the squire to find the treasure. And when they got it, they took it to Hispaniola. But in the morning, they knew that Silver and some of the treasure had disappeared. Finally, they returned home without take care of Silver anymore.

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