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#BookReport1 >> Wilkie Collins - The Woman in White

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1.      Theme
It’s kind of a mystery novel about a real-life. It tells us about the “evil’s” effort to get some money from a rich but powerless girl.
2.      Main characters
Major characters
Walter Hartright   : a drawing teacher who loves Laura very much
Laura Fairlie          : a pretty girl who earn much money from hers death father
Marian Halcome   : Laura’s half-sister who loves and cares of Laura
Sir Percival                        : Laura’s husband who married Laura just because of her money
Anne Catherick     : Laura’s half-sister from her father who was kept in asylum by Sir Percival because she knows his secret and she wants to save Laura from Sir Percival
Count Fosco           : Percival’s best friend who wants Laura’s money, too
Minor characters
Mr. Fairlie             : Laura’s uncle who wasn’t told to much in this story
Mrs. Catherick      : Anne’s mother who kept Anne in the private asylum
Countess Fosco      : Laura’s aunt who seems like her husband
Eliza Michelson     : the house keeper at Blackwater Park who really cares with Laura and Marian
Professor Pesca     : Walter’s friend who helps him to solve this mystery
3.      Settings
Time          : about 1850
>>  Anne Catherick died on July 25th 1850 ( page 118 ). So, it must be in 1850s.
Place         :
London>> “All passed me by. I reached home in another ship and, landing at Liverpool in October 13th, 1850, went straight to London.” ( page 83 )
Blackwater Park >>“The day before their arrival I went to Blackwater Park and found it very different from Limmeridge.”( page 41 )
Limmeridge House >> “Don’t you remember what I told you? I have been staying at Limmeridge House.” ( page 22 )
4.      Summary
One day, Walter Hartright met Anne Catherick on the street when he was on the way to the Limmeridge House. She was like in a rush. After Walter helped her, some men were looking for her. They said that the girl had escaped from their asylum. Walter was surprised at that time actually, but he never talked about it to the men.
Walter started his job at Limmeridge House as a drawing teacher. He told everything to Marian Halcombe. And when he knew that Laura, person whom he loves, will be married by Sir Percival because he had asked for her father’s permission before he honored her with a proposal of marriage, he thought unwell. He thought that something will happened.
His mind became true. After their wedding, Laura said to her sister, Marian, that actually Sir Percival doesn’t love her. Marian tried to find out the problem was. Actually she knew that Sir Percival asked to marry Laura just because she was a heir from her death father.
Sir Percival and his best friend, who actually was Laura’s uncle, made some tricks but Walter and Marian also tried to find out what was the secret of Sir Percival. Fortunately, they could find it and they found Sir Percival was died because of a fire when he wanted to escaped all of the proofs of his secret.
In the end of this story, Laura became Walter’s wife and they have a child. They also came back to Limmeridge House.

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